The Designer

Dephne grew up in a family of seamstresses, dressmakers and fashion designers; dating back to her great grand father. As an extra curriculum she studied fashion and fabrics for 4 years in school but it’s not until 2005 that she start having a keen interest in fashion because her mother had bought her a sewing machine for Christmas due to her constant need of altering her clothes to fit her body. This was the beginning of experimenting with design and sewing. Soon her passion and gift in fashion and design began to grow.¬†She started making clothes and selling them to close friends and family. Word got around and she was given an opportunity to make outfits for beauty pageant contestants for a charity show and for models.

In 2012, she was nominated as fashion designer of the year (see nominations) at the BEFFTA Awards (Black Entertainment Film Fashion Television and Arts).

Dephne launched her fashion design line in 2017 titled Dephne Aviyah and is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in Fashion and Textiles.